Are Fixed Implant Bridges a Good Option for Tooth Restoration?
June 2, 2020

Are Fixed Implant Bridges a Good Option for Tooth Restoration?

There has been an upsurge improvement and development in dental treatment. It is no longer just about cleaning the tooth and removing a damaged tooth. Today, there are a number of dental solution options available to people to help treat their problems for missing or decaying teeth.  Fixed implant bridges are considered one of the most common and fastest ways to restore lost teeth and oral function, especially for those who have suffered tooth loss. A fixed implant bridge is the latest development in implantation technology. Because the bridge is made of a material that looks and feels like a real tooth, it gives the patient a natural and realistic looking smile.  

Why you should consider fixed implant bridges

Improving your Smile

Any dental treatment option can help improve your smile by enhancing or restoring lost teeth. Aesthetic improvements are a major reason for dental treatments, however, with fixed bridge implants, the achieved benefits go beyond looks. In fact, the natural-looking material used in the bridge implants will alow help restore the functionality of real teeth, allowing you to properly chew your food. 

Maintains the Natural Teeth Structure

Unlike traditional bridges that rely on the surrounding teeth, the advanced implantation technology allows the fixed implant bridges to stay firm with your jawbone, without relying on the adjacent teeth. Because the process does not involve modification to the natural structure of your teeth, the outside teeth remain uninterrupted and undamaged.

Safeguarded from Further Damage

When a lost tooth is un-replaced, the bone structure will eventually begin to decline because of the lack of stimulation that is delivered by the tooth root. This can lead to more oral problems down the road and can give the appearance of a sunken jaw. Fixed implant bridges can work as a substitute for your lost tooth to improve your oral health and prevent future damage to your jawbone. Whenever you suffer from tooth loss, it is very important that you seek an experienced dentist to get it replaced as soon as possible. This important step will help you maintain your oral health and protect it from further damage. If you would like a professional opinion on whether a fixed implant bridge is the best option for you, contact Novi Oaks Dental, the dentistry of choice in Novi, Michigan. At our family-dentistry, you’ll find experienced dentists that will examine your situation and help you determine the best dental solution for you.