8 Signs You Need Emergency Dental Services

Dental emergencies can strike at any time, and often at the worst time possible. Whether occurring on a holiday, weekend or in the middle of the night, issues with your teeth can send you into a spiral of pain and discomfort. No matter how much you may try to deny it, peering into your aching mouth and telling yourself everything is fine, you may not be able to avoid emergency dental services. Skip the extra moments of unnecessary pain and refer to these eight signs if you think you could need emergency dental services to help you decide. If you are in need of oral care, get the help you need right away to be free from discomfort as soon as possible.

1. Extreme Tooth Pain

Tooth pain never indicates a positive situation in your mouth. Never dismiss your pain as trivial. Pain is your body’s way of communicating that an issue requires your attention. Call a dentist for an emergency appointment to investigate the cause.

2. Excessive Gum Bleeding

If your post-brushing rinse and spit routine has you startled, there might be something wrong that a dentist should take a closer look at. While a little bit of blood could indicate a minute issue, excessive gum bleeding often means a more serious condition.

3. Swelling in Mouth or Jaw

Unexplained swelling in your mouth or jaw could mean you have a serious infection, an issue with your lymph nodes, or another medical situation that needs immediate care.

4. A Filling Falls Out, or You Taste Metal

A metallic taste in your mouth can mean an older, metal-based filling has fallen out. This lost filling can make your tooth vulnerable to further damage. It can even leave the nerves in your tooth exposed, which leads to more difficulties. See a dentist right away.

5. Loose or Broken Crown

Without prompt attention, a missing or damaged crown can lead to tooth extractions or root canals. Contact your dental professional right away if one of your crowns becomes loose, broken or lost. The faster your act, the less likely you are to need additional procedures in order to repair the damage.

6. Loose or Missing Tooth

A loose tooth could indicate an infection or injury in your mouth. Seeking emergency care could mean your dentist saves your tooth and avoids further dental treatments. If a tooth falls out, pick it up, but avoid touching the roots. Rinse it with water and do not scrub it. Try to put it back into the socket. If you’re unable to, put it into a glass of water or milk. When you don’t have access to either, tucking it into your cheek can help keep it moist. Then, get to your dentist’s office right away.

7. Something Wedged in Your Teeth that Brushing or Flossing Won’t Remove

Objects or food stuck in your teeth for extended periods can lead to dental issues such as tooth decay, gum irritation, infections, or crooked teeth. See your dentist promptly if you can’t dislodge an object stuck between your teeth.

8. Abscessed Tooth

If you notice a foul taste in your mouth, white bumps on your gums, swelling in your face, sensitivity in your lymph nodes, persistent toothaches or sensitivity, or even a fever, contact your dentist right away. These might indicate infection that could spread beyond your teeth.


Novi Oaks Dental knows that emergency dental issues don’t wait for convenient moments to strike. Contact the dental team dedicated to providing the highest level of quality care using state-of-the-art equipment and technology in both dental emergencies and routine oral care today, and start smiling again tomorrow.