Do Dental Implants Have Any Effect on Sleep Quality?
November 7, 2022

Do Dental Implants Have Any Effect on Sleep Quality?

Dental implants change your life for the better in many ways. From returning your ability to eat foods you love to restoring your confidence in your smile, implants can improve your day-to-day experience. But do they affect the quality of your sleep? If your sleep has been impacted by tooth pain or other dental discomfort, implants can definitely affect the quality of your sleep. Uncomfortable teeth can alter your ability to remain in a deep and restful sleep state, and you may not even realize it. For these sleep loss sufferers, dental implants can bring about the return of long, undisturbed, and restful sleep long gone without.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a solution option for missing teeth which function much as the name implies. A titanium based material resembling a screw is implanted into the jawbone where a tooth's root would usually sit. A peg-like support is then attached to that implant. Finally, a dental crown is affixed to the peg, replacing a tooth in the area. In addition to providing a pleasing visual appearance that looks natural, dental implants can help prevent bone loss, restore the ability to chew, and correct speech changes that may result from missing teeth. Having implants can also offer stability to neighboring teeth, and promote good gum health.

How Dental Implants Impact the Quality of Your Sleep

Are you aware of how disrupting external factors can be to your sleep patterns? Aches, pains, and other body discomforts can hinder your ability to fall into the deepest stages of sleep, or prevent you from remaining in these stages long enough to achieve a restful sleep cycle. Dental pains can interrupt your sleep patterns most of all. If you’re like the majority of people and typically sleep with your head almost level with your body, you might find that increased blood pressure in your head can cause throbbing toothaches. You may also discover that sleeping in your certain positions puts uncomfortable pressure on specific areas in your mouth. If you’re a tooth grinder, you could also discover that your jaw-clenching habit exacerbates the pain of sore teeth. Dental implants provide a convenient, easy-to-care-for means for addressing dental pains that might be keeping you awake. Treating the pain source will allow you to achieve deeper sleep and wake up refreshed.

Other Benefits of Dental Implants

Improved sleep isn’t the only benefit of choosing dental implants. Patients who opt for implants can also enjoy:
  • The feel of natural teeth. Implants behave as your original teeth do, feeling and performing in very much the same way. 
  • A lifetime of wear. Dental appliances have a natural lifespan, but implants can last a lifetime.
  • Reduced bone loss. Because the jawbone can deteriorate when there is no tooth inside it, implants help to mitigate potential bone loss in your jaw.
  • A stronger profile. Bone loss can lead to a sunken facial appearance, which can add years to your face. Helping to prevent bone loss, dental implants can also help your face maintain a strong profile.
  • Reduction in gum disease. Gaps between teeth offer bacteria an ideal place to grow. Implants fill these gaps.
  • Stability in the other teeth. Teeth tend to shift into spaces left between teeth, leading to issues later on. Implants deny other teeth a place to drift into.


Now is the perfect time to begin your journey toward a gorgeous smile, better oral health, and restful sleep. If you have questions about whether or not dental implants are right for you, have other dental or sleep concerns, or are looking for professional expertise, state-of-the-art technology and quality patient care in Southeast Michigan, contact Novi Oaks Dental today and see how you can smile with confidence!