Here’s Why Your Dentist Says Don’t Ignore a Toothache
August 16, 2021

Here’s Why Your Dentist Says Don’t Ignore a Toothache

Occasional tooth pain may just indicate a sensitivity of too cold or too hot, which can become more common with age. However, dentists will often highly recommend you schedule a dental appointment when you do have a toothache. Here we discuss the reasons why you should not ignore the achy pain and more signs to explore. Sometimes a toothache can be the first indication that you are developing a serious oral health condition that requires immediate treatment. So, it’s important that you have your dentist examine your oral health whenever you experience a toothache, as it can help prevent more serious issues. The dentists at Novi Oaks Dental, the family dentistry of Novi, advise against ignoring any kind of toothache. Here is why:  

Your Toothache Could Be Telling You Something More 

As stated before, your toothache could be a sign of a serious oral issue. In order to protect your oral health from further problems, it’s crucial that you understand what exactly is causing your toothache. Typically there are many causes of dental pain. The most common ones include:
  • Cavity or tooth decay
  • Damaged or fractured tooth
  • Exposed tooth root or nerve
  • Abscess that has been caused by an infected tooth
  • Temporomandibular joint disease (TMJ)
  • Impacted teeth or erupting teeth
  • Sinus infection (usually causes pain in the back molars)
  • Damaged cavity filling, such as cracked/broken filling

Ignoring a Toothache Could Cause Gum Disease

Gum disease is not something that happens overnight. At the initial stage, you can experience several symptoms that are potential signs of gum disease. Symptoms like pain, bleeding, and swelling of the gums are common signs. In some cases, patients may feel that the pain is from the tooth, while it is from the soreness and swelling that is in and around the mouth. Such pain usually occurs when bacteria have infiltrated the gum tissues. The dentist at your family dentistry of Novi can quickly and easily diagnose these issues and suggest effective solutions that work with your preferences.  

Toothaches Can Result in Serious Infections

While minor toothaches may seem like a condition that can wait, the consequences of ignoring a toothache can be far more severe. When you leave a toothache unattended, it can leave your teeth more vulnerable to bacteria. The bacterial infection can lead to tooth decay, and when this infection finds its way into the bloodstream, it will start spreading throughout your entire body, risking your overall health. The result of such infection can lead to various health issues, such as brain or heart infections. If the patient already has a pre-existing health condition, the spread of the bacterial cells can make the matter even worse. Simply ignoring the pain will not make the problem go away but will only lead to more damage to your oral health down the line. So, the best option is to visit your dentist before it’s too late.   If you are suffering from a toothache, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Novi Oaks Dental. Family dentistry is happy to help patients get back their full dental health with ease. Call us at (248) 347-3030 for more information today.