How Smiling Affects Health
December 23, 2022

How Smiling Affects Health

Sometimes the simplest acts in life can relay the most heartwarming and/or powerful energy, such as that which is felt from a radiant smile. Commonly interpreted and accepted as a sincere greeting and also a symbol of gratitude and grace, your smile is an outward expression of pleasantness to other people. And while such a display of happiness can affect others in a positive way, a smile can have a powerful effect on you too.

The Power of Gratitude

Did you know that sincere thankfulness can have positive effects on your health? According to the professional psychology researchers at Harvard Health, gratitude is good for you. Feeling appreciative can help generate positive and wonderful emotions surrounding happiness, and those same emotions help us learn to weather adversity and triumph through struggles. There are multiple ways to express gratitude. One of the simplest among them is a genuine smile.  Henry Ford Health describes some true physical benefits of gratitude which are known to include:
  • Can reduce feelings about and reactions from stress
  • May lessen pain and discomfort
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Increased endurance potential
These benefits are backed up by medical professionals and research, not simply wishful thinking. So when you smile, remember that you’re doing something great for the person you smile at, and for your own health too.

What Your Smile Can Do

Smiling itself releases "happy chemicals" in the brain. SCL Health elaborates that these "happy chemicals" are actually neuropeptides that "fight off stress." In addition to the stress-relieving neuropeptides, smiling helps boost other neurotransmitters which are commonly associated with better moods including lifts in serotonin, dopamine, and the pain-relieving chemical endorphins. That's a whole lot of brain chemistry from a single action, with loads of benefits in all the things that make you feel good.  And even better, smiling can help you look good too! Remember, using muscles can help create habits. The habit of smiling can have great benefits for you when it comes to your facial appearance. As you age, you probably don't want to promote a natural frown face, and instead might prefer to be known for your laugh lines and joy. Smiling regularly can help avoid long-term frown wrinkles and reshape your facial muscles to more accurately reflect the true and happy you.


The act of smiling to display appreciation is good for you, and for others. Studies have repeatedly shown that grinning and gratitude can have health benefits ranging anywhere from lowered blood pressure to reduced pain. This simple behavior could help better weather troubles and increase overall endurance. Smiling releases positive chemicals that help your brain and body want to regulate those good feelings. Yet, it's not just your body that feels better after smiling, but your outward public appearance may benefit too as you avoid troublesome frown lines and wrinkles. Overall, smiling is simply good for you in every way. If you’re like some people who aren't satisfied with their natural smile, you might keep your lips locked and this simple act of gratitude expression to yourself, robbing you and others of the joy and peace a smile can bring. Whether smile dissatisfaction stems from genetics or a bad accident, smiles can get damaged through broken, chipped, decayed, or missing teeth. Don't settle for less when it comes to your smile. Instead, consult with a cosmetic and restorative dentist to devise the right plan in helping you achieve your smile goals.   In or around Novi, Michigan, your smile’s in good hands with Novi Oaks Dental. Providing the highest level of dental care with state-of-the-art-technology in a highly regarded reputable family dentistry office, Novi Oaks Dental promises a wide range of dental services and procedures to help patients of all ages. Don’t delay, make your appointment to learn more or start moving toward giving yourself something to smile about  today!