Sleep Disorders Present a Shift in Dentistry
July 1, 2021

Sleep Disorders Present a Shift in Dentistry

Over the past decades, dentistry has been continuously making great progress in helping patients achieve relief from dental issues with continued optimal oral health. The advancement in dental technology, tools, techniques, and treatment methods has changed and improved the practice of dentistry. Over the years we are able to see and witness amazing developments in dentistry that have revolutionized the treatment of dental issues. These advancements have also significantly changed and upgraded dental treatment.  

Sleep Disorders and Dentistry

While there are many transformative technologies in dentistry, sleep disorders present the next paradigm shift in dentistry that holds greater significance. Today, there are millions of people around the world suffering from common sleep disorders, including issues like Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Prolonged and undiagnosed sleep disorders can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and negatively impact metabolic health. Seeking effective treatment becomes necessary to retain optimal health. Dentistry for sleep disorders is designed to help patients alleviate sleep disorder symptoms through dental health modifications including fabrication of dental appliances to stabilize the airway.  These same devices can offer protection for patients that concurrently grind and brux their teeth and have sleep-disordered breathing.  Dentists specialized in treating airway disorders are trained to help treat sleep disorders by inspecting the airway for crowding,  tongue-tie or improper tongue position, mouth breathing, and manifestations of malocclusions.

Increasing Role of the Dentist

Dentists are recognized as frontline specialists responsible to examine, evaluate, and manage the oral health of patients. Today dentists have become even more involved with the management of sleep disorders, and their role is becoming more crucial, especially in treating patients with simple snoring issues and all levels of severity of sleep apnea.  Severe sufferers that have failed CPAP therapy are excellent candidates for oral appliance therapy.  Experienced dentists play an important role in helping patients at different levels, starting from identification of a possible sleep-related disorder, referring patients to a good sleep physician for further evaluation, and assisting in treating the issue. Dentists help bridge the gap between patients with undiagnosed OSA and the field of medicine. Hence, aiding in providing the right medical care to affected patients.  

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A good night of quality sleep is necessary for both mental and physical health to feel refreshed and energized with each new day. When you are deprived of good sleep, it can significantly affect your health in numerous ways.  If you suffer from a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea, feel free to talk to Dr. Ely and she will help triage you with her circle of medical professionals. At Novi Oaks Dental, your health is our priority. Contact us online or by phone today for more information.